Small Projects

Graphic Design and Motion Graphics | 2019

Here are two small projects that I worked on. Even though the client went for a different option, I have included them in my portfolio because I worked hard on them and I am proud of the outcome.


Client brief – Take any company and build an employer brand campaign to attract the best talent. The campaign can include all or some of the following: social media content, careers website design, posters/advertising assets, or campus materials.

For this project, I made some illustrations based on two realistic photographs, aligning the colours with the branding.

The PHA Group

Client brief – We recently held an event for the world’s first beauty brand Ethique. Please turn the stats into an animated infographic to use on LinkedIn and produce the asset in our branding.

Client brief – Familiarise yourself with HCA UK Lister Hospital and their branding. Then, please create an animated GIF to promote their Mole Mapping service.